Our History

Davy and Markham are the two northern powerhouses of engineering, with nearly 200 years' experience and expertise in the design, manufacture, fabrication and machining of heavy and complex engineering. Their history is quite simply the history of UK heavy industry.


From two brothers in 1830 to two thousand skilled workers at their peak, Davy has been synonymous with the steel industry since their first steam train left Sheffield in 1840. Always centred around their global leadership in rolling mills, the company’s business expanded in scale and skill until it became the go-to manufacturer for everything from the Jodrell Bank Radio-Telescope to the Thames Barrier. 


Markham’s reputation is grounded just as firmly in pioneering engineering. At the outbreak of World War II, after a century’s mining experience,  one in every five tons of coal was been brought up using Markham gear – not to mention most of South Africa’s gold.  Markham continued to undertake unrivalled engineering challenges like The London Underground, the Mersey and Dartford Tunnels, and even the Moscow Metro.

The Future

Since being taken over by Hughes-Armstrong Industries in 2014, these two titans of British engineering have been given not just a new lease of life, but a greater vision. 

The DavyMarkham business is now led by seasoned, hands-on engineers of international standing. Based in the UK’s – some would say Europe’s – largest and most remarkable engineering workshops, no-one is better equipped or qualified to handle extremely large turnkey projects across every sector, from quarrying and metal processing, through mining and tunneling, to nuclear, defence and infrastructure.

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