The department has an extensive catalogue of welding procedures qualified to National and International standards including BS EN, AWS and ASME, using a wide range of welding processes and materials from 3mm thick to more than 250mm thick.  All welders are coded to BSEN287 for welding carbon and alloy steels, stainless steel and nickel alloys.

Special techniques have been developed using both conventional welding methods and the latest technologies to improve quality and productivity.  The welding techniques in regular use are:

  • MIG and MAG;
  • Flux Cored Arc;
  • Submerged Arc; 
  • TIG;
  • Stick;
  • Pulse Arc and STT;
  • Strip Cladding.

Several overhead cranes, up to a maximum of 275 Tonnes, service the Fabrication Shop.  Where heavier pieces require welding, the work is carried out in the machine or assembly bays where craneage reaches 350 Tonnes. 

The fabrication shop equipment includes:

  • 2 x CNC profile burning machines;
  • 1 x heavy plate ‘Bronx Roll’ bending machine;
  • 1 x 500T Hydraulic Press;
  • 1 x 50T Side Press;
  • Large saw, guillotine and portable drillers;
  • 40 x various welding machines;
  • Various welding Positioners and Rotators up to 50T;
  • Gas and electric preheating equipment;
  • Two large modern Heat Treatment ovens 60m³ and 150m³ are used for post weld stress relief at temperatures up to 900°C.

Surface treatment of fabrications and machined components comprises of Shot blasting and Painting.  This is carried out in a dedicated adjacent shop connected by rail lines and contains the following equipment:

  • 1 x 60T overhead crane
  • 1 x 50m3 shot blasting room plus portable units for larger pieces
  • 1 x 750m3 painting room with manual airless spray pumps
  • A wide range of painting systems are in regular use according to customer requirements.  Special coating systems such as metal-spraying and electroplating are contracted-in as required.

The experience of the Fabrication Team with heavy precision fabrications is formidable and unique within Europe.  The majority of the team have worked together for more than 25 years and their successes include work for the following industries:

  • Hydro, Nuclear and Power Generation;
  • Mining, Tunnelling and Winding equipment;
  • Capital Plant for the Metal Producing Industries;
  • Bridge Construction and Structural Engineering;
  • Components for Shipbuilding and offshore industries;
  • Aero Engine testing equipment.

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