Site Installation

DavyMarkham prides itself in being able to offer an installation, repair and servicing facility using its own apprentice trained engineers. Backed by the full factory services and hundreds of years of combined experience, our engineers are used to working in customers premises around the world.

In preparation for installation at site, our own engineers trial assemble, test and pack the components to ensure their safe arrival on site.  Each engineer is fully equipped with modern equipment and tooling, safety equipment and if necessary back up offices, tool stores and mini workshops in which basic machining, fabrication and electrical assemblies can be made.

Full risk assessments are undertaken before leaving the company and again on site before work commences.  All our site engineers have been trained in health and safety together with the correct use of PPE.  When necessary, permits to work are issued in advance of the commencement of work on site. 

The Company also respects specific rules and regulations for each country including Health, Safety, Sitework, Protection of the Environment and Quality.

In addition to the installation of new equipment, the Company also utilises its own engineers to provide a refurbishment service of equipment at our Customers’ premises.  This work is carefully planned and is controlled by our accredited quality and environmental controls together with our strict adherence to health and safety management.  If equipment cannot be refurbished on site, it is transported back to our workshops in Sheffield.

To maintain equipment in its original condition, the Company offers flexible maintenance contracts where we have qualified engineers visit the equipment and undertake an agreed program of maintenance and inspection. The engineers will also report on the condition of key components and propose additional work or the replacement of parts to ensure uptime.

Shipping and Transport

DavyMarkham has transported large and very heavy equipment all over the world working in conjunction with specialist road transport and shipping companies. The road haulage companies employed by DavyMarkham are registered with the Road Haulage Association. This ensures its member companies comply with all legal, Health & Safety and Environmental requirements and all other relevant local or international legislation.

Most of the routes for abnormal loads leaving DavyMarkham for export have already been proven and are well established. As most of our consignments are destined for overseas locations these are transported by road to Immingham or Goole using specialist haulage contractors, who carry out a detailed assessment of the route. Depending on the nature of the load, street furniture may have to be removed and then replaced.  In some cases, roads have to be temporarily closed whilst the haulage vehicles may have to be driven on the wrong side of the road.

In the early 1980’s the company paid for the strengthening of a number of road bridges between the Sheffield factory and the deepwater docks at Immingham to take 400 Tonne loads – an investment that is still paying dividends 25 years later. Once at the dockside, the harbour master and Ship’s Captain take over responsibility until offloading at the destination port. 

The vehicles which transport these abnormal loads include multi-axle step frame and low loaders; steerable and extendable trailers and hydraulic modular trailer systems. Heavy mobile cranes and jacking systems are also used to load equipment onto special trailers specially designed for specific routes.

All timber used for packing crates are made according to ISPM 15 regulations to ensure that wood-borne timber pests are neither exported nor imported.

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