DavyMarkham offers a diverse range of CNC machining services and capabilities which range from mid-size batch work, including components weighing a few tonne, to those one off bespoke components of a maximum of 300 tonne. 

In the light to medium machine shop there are a range of machines capable of machining to exacting tolerances on components up to 125 tonne. 

The largest machine bay comprises of a machine bed which covers half of the entire bay (34.5m x 14.7m). This unique facility enables very large castings and fabrications to be machined with minimal set-up time.

The huge bed plate is surrounded by CNC ram borers machining to exacting tolerances, all large work pieces can therefore be machined with precision and are governed only by the weight limits of the overhead cranes.  

Key statistics for machining facilities:

Plano Milling

Number of machines: 3
Capacity (Max): 5.1m x 4.5m x 13.2m

Gantry Mill

Number of machines: 1
Capacity (Max): 4.8m x 2.2m x 14.0m

Ram Borers

Number of machines: 8
Capacity (Max): 5.0 x 1.5m x 14.0m

Horizontal Borers

Number of machines: 7
Capacity (Max): 2.0m x 1.0m x 6.0m

Vertical Borers

Number of machines: 6
Capacity (Max): 12.9m swing x 3.9m height

Large Centre Lathes

Number of machines: 6
Capacity (Max): 2.0m dia. x 14m long

Machining Content

To facilitate the machining of such large components DavyMarkham is capable of single or beam linked crane lifts.

4 Bay

Single crane 20 tonne to 125 tonne maximum

5 Bay

Single crane 220 tonne maximum

Linked cranes 350 tonne maximum

Height under crane hook 12.8 metres

The huge machining capability of DavyMarkham allows the machining of a wide range of components from 20 tonne up to single piece castings in excess of 350 tonne.

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