DavyMarkham Secures Major Contract to Manufacture Nuclear Waste Containers with Sister Company Amber Precast

June 12th, 2017

DavyMarkham facilities with Prototype 6m3 RCB Container mould: Mark Johnson, Amber Precast Managing Director, Gary Ward, Projects Programme Manager, Magnox and John Cheek, Nuclear & Defence Director DavyMarkham

Sheffield heavy engineering specialists DavyMarkham have underlined their ambitions in the Nuclear Sector by securing a £20m contract with sister company Amber Precast to help with the safe decommissioning of Nuclear facilities.

Up to 50 jobs are being created at the historic firm as part of a four-year joint venture with Amber Precast to design, test and construct six cubic metre reinforced steel and concrete containers.

The contract with Magnox Ltd, which is responsible for managing 12 Nuclear sites in the UK, underlines DavyMarkham’s commitment to engage with the Nuclear Industry while continuing to establish an international reputation for its heavy and complex engineering, notably in the Mine Hoist, Tunnel Boring, Hydro, Steel and Bridge Building Ssectors.

The Sheffield firm, whose history can be traced back 186 years, will create a dedicated plant and team of workers at its factory in Prince of Wales Road, Darnall, for the construction of the robust transportable concrete containers.

DavyMarkham’s expertise is being harnessed to ensure the highest quality steel components, such as container casings and handling features, are used alongside the experience and know-how of sister company, Amber Precast, in the manufacture of the six cubic metre boxes.

Once the final design and manufacturing methodology have been approved, it is calculated that Magnox will require more than 1,000 of these boxes to store various types of intermediate level waste (ILW) generated during the operational and early decommissioning phases of its UK power stations.

Once filled, the containers will be stored in purpose-built facilities at nuclear sites until the UK’s national repository becomes available.

The joint venture between Amber Precast and DavyMarkham, called AID Technologies UK, will offer a safe and highly engineered product while generating savings for the Government and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

DavyMarkham Managing Director Bill Clark said: “Being awarded this supply contract for concrete ILW containers is a step forward for DavyMarkham in its drive to become the UK leader in providing high integrity containers to the nuclear industry".

 “It’s good to see the Government and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) supporting strategic UK manufacturing companies which benefits the UK’s nuclear decommissioning industry as well as securing UK jobs".

"Importantly it also provides UK manufacturers export opportunities with overseas buyers who are looking for innovative, high integrity products in support of safe decommissioning.”

This latest contract follows DavyMarkham’s appointment of John Cheek, who has 35 years’ experience in Nuclear Sector, as Nuclear and Defence Director.

Amber Precast, based in Alfreton, Derbyshire, has more than 25 years’ experience in the industry, producing standard and bespoke cast stone and precast concrete products.

Working with most of the NDA sites such as at Hinkley, Berkeley, Dounreay, and Harwell is expected to provide a strong platform for both firms - owned and operated by Hughes Armstrong Industries - to further develop nuclear container, decommissioning products and services.

Meanwhile, DavyMarkham is tapping into local expertise as a member of the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, which is based at Catcliffe, Rotherham, and brings together academic and industrial partners from across the Civil Nuclear manufacturing supply chain.

With its expertise in heavy engineering, the Sheffield company is the world's largest vertically integrated Mine Hoist company and has worked on high-profile projects such as the Channel Tunnel, Gateshead Millennium Bridge and Wembley Stadium.

It is drawing on its traditional skills as it increasingly positions itself at the top end of the technological spectrum.

Alongside pressing its nuclear credentials, it continues to maintain its interest and involvement in big infrastructure projects such High Speed Rail 2, Tunnel Boring and Tidal Turbine projects and the global Mine Hoist Market.

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