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DML is the UK’s leading contractor in the design, manufacture and installation of the mechanical and electrical equipment required for moveable bridges. Projects have been undertaken at Canary Wharf; the Selby suspension swing bridge; the Gateshead Millennium bridge and currently the Manchester Ship Canal. Proposals are currently being prepared for new bridges in Merseyside and Teesside. 

Structures and components have been manufactured for major infrastructure projects in both the UK and overseas. In the UK the terminal 5 control tower was manufactured by DML and large manufactured structural components have been supplied for suspension bridges in Hong Kong and San Francisco.

DavyMarkham has a solid track record in the design, manufacture and commissioning of M&E systems for moving bridges. Our projects have included bespoke design for: 

  • Bascule bridges; 
  • Swing bridges; 
  • Vertical lift bridges;
  • Retracting and rotating bridges. 

By working closely with artists, architects, consulting engineers and civil contracting companies, DavyMarkham can ensure the development of precision engineering solutions demanded of the large moving structures that a bridge represents.

We have the capability to design and supply the complete mechanical, hydraulic and electrical operating systems including:  

  • Bridge mechanical rotation and hinge bearings complete with companion structures; 
  • Hydro-electric motor or cylinder based prime movers; 
  • Nose and tail fixed bearings to support the bridge when open to traffic; 
  • Nose and tail locking bolts and wedge systems to control bridge alignment; 
  • Traffic management barriers, signalling and communication systems; 
  • Bridge control and power distribution systems. 

We will also provide the following services: 

  • Refurbishment and renovation where appropriate; 
  • Structural steelwork; 
  • On-site installation and commissioning; 
  • Post commissioning support, such as routine maintenance and inspection 

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