As temperatures and sea levels rise, and demands for decarbonizing energy increase, the control and management of water becomes more than just a commercial challenge: it affects every one of us. DavyMarkham has unparalleled experience in providing visionary engineering solutions to the Hydro power generation industry, creating advanced flood defences, as well as redeveloping ports and marinas, and reclaiming canal basins.

The control and management of water affects us all and represents an important and wide ranging business sector. With rising sea levels, demands for energy and the influence of climate change on our environment, engineering solutions to these problems continue to be in high demand. 

DavyMarkham has long had an association with this business sector and supplies equipment and engineering solutions in two primary areas: 

  • Hydro power generation
  • Flood defence. 

In addition, water plays an increasing role within the urban re-development of many areas in the UK. DavyMarkham has been involved in a number of such redevelopments involving: 

  • Ports and marinas; 
  • Canal basin regeneration. 

Pitlochry Dam

DM offer a turnkey approach to the refurbishment and construction of Hydro projects worldwide. Our in house team and network of qualified partners offer a full suite of services required for the installation and refurbishment of all the equipment utilised from water to wire. DM has an enviable reference list, providing mechanical engineering support and manufacturing within the Hydro Sector for 70 years. Having built over 300 turbines with runner diameters of up to 6 meters from our machine shop in Sheffield we are uniquely placed to ensure the optimum quality of components for Hydro projects. Once delivered to site, our skilled site team of engineers and welders then also ensure the components are installed to plan and the machinery operates effectively for many years. 

DM’s reference list incorporates 10GW of installed capacity around the globe. This history ensures we are uniquely placed to service the needs of not just the client base from equipment built here in Sheffield, but from nay manufacturer. DavyMarkham can machine, fabricate and engineer the very largest of hydro components. Our skilled team of site engineers and project managers also means we can offer a full scope repair and maintenance service to our clients

DM have been installing Hydro equipment for many years and are highly skilled to ensure that the site work stage of the project runs smoothly. DM’s experienced engineers can be utilised to provide installation and commissioning services for all forms of Hydro Electric Plant, ensuring seamless start up for all equipment in the system, whether this be for a new installation, post repair or refurbishment project. 

DM have been building valves for over 130 years, we have supplied valves for all types for some of the worlds largest hydro projects. With this history, DM have the experience, the expertise and engineering capability to deliver full scope value overhaul or indeed manufacture for our client base. 

DM’s reverse engineering capability ensure that we can provide replacmenet components to the highest of standards, we use the latest tools and techniques to analyse components as well as accredited quality processes to ensure deign accuracy, longevity and repeatability. 

DM understands that not every problem has one solution. When looking at improving the design of a component it is our practice to work in partnership with our customer by providing the different option and working with you to ensure we reach the best outcome and ensure no surprises.

If a component is in the flow path, our design team can then model its geometry within our CFD software to understand the associated hydraulic losses. The design team then use this information to provide opportunities to improve the hydraulic design of the component and maximise output.  

Utilising the latest CFD techniques and modelling, DM can analyse the hydraulic system and provide options to increase performance for any of the major component s (e.g. runner, valve, penstock & gates . This detailed up front design and turnkey then allows a solution to be implemented with confidence. 

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