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DavyMarkham have a long and proud history in the Mining and Tunnelling sector with some particular highlights being the building of the tunnelling equipment used for the Channel Tunnel, Channel Tunnel Rail Link, London Underground, Moscow Metro and the Dartford, Rotherhithe and Mersey tunnels.

DavyMarkham has a long standing association with the mining industry across the globe and is ideally placed to provide hoisting systems for these mines.  As more accessible natural resources are exhausted new mines tend to extract minerals from greater depths with higher payloads. We supply hoists of all types and sizes for all underground mines, including friction, single drum, multi-rope Blair and sinking hoists, stage winches, haulage units, head sheave and deflector sheave assemblies.. 

DavyMarkham have unrivalled expertise in the supply and installation of over 300 hoists worldwide and have supplied equipment for some of the deepest mines in North America and some of the planets highest mines in the Andes.

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As long ago as 1890 Markham started producing tunnelling shields for both the London and Moscow underground rail systems and have since been involved in many prestigious tunnelling projects.

Today DavyMarkham manufacture complete tunnelling boring machines, parts of machines and associated ancillary equipment.  We are accomplished in the design of bespoke equipment to overcome specific project demands.


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Access the video for more information on the Machining, Fabrication, Build, Test and Assembly capability of DavyMarkham Limited in the Mining and Tunnelling sector.

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